Reaching your Audience withMarver Publicity Limited
Reaching your Audience withMarver Publicity Limited

Marver Publicity Limited

Marver Publicity Limited has the experience and knowledge to help you establish your credibility in order to enhance your profile, sell more products and services and also promote your favourite cause or issue.

Our Services


As a PR service, we are focusing on reputation – management through generating positive media coverage, maintaining  positive relationships with anyone who has an interest in the organisation or brand.

The benefits of a PR program can be  viewed as along term investment and the increased acceptance of PR by executive teams,that a company would recognise for future achievements.


The goals of our marketing team is to reach new customers, seeks to drive instant, tangible sales success.

The paid branding and promotional activities, such as e-newsletter, will generate new business contacts, which increase your sales.

The DIGITAL MARKETING, marketing in the digital space – such as search marketing, ads, promotions, drives an instant action from the customers.


We can conceptualise, develop and implement advertising programme.

We combine our  expertise in writing and designing  new material, if required.

We create brochure and loose leaf inserts helping you to promote new products and services.

We publish a magazine and including you within our Magazine.

We are the publisher of INDUSTRIAL PROCESS REVIEW

Industrial Process Review provides the most comprehensive coverage of the International processing industry.

Industrial Process Review will help them keep up date with the fast changing technologies and developments in the process industries.

Industrial Process Review is published in English & German.

Industrial Process Review can be seen in digital format and hard copy.


Has been proven that our online  business strategies get amazing results.

We provide all  those information about your business via:

Daily News; Directory online; Embedded video; Electronic  banners; e-newsletters ; Digital magazine

A combination of strategy, digital PR, the right link to the website, in the house SEO, organic one, will make you business successful.

Our Mission

We can give you all the support that you need to reach your important customers fast and directly focusing on your Public Relations, advertising, direct e-mailing, digital communication, in order to increase your business. To make things simple we package the service you require , to match your resources, combining marketing with PR in the most effective and affordable way.